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Electric control valve VS Pneumatic control valve

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The difference between electric control valve and pneumatic control valve

The biggest difference is that one uses electricity and one uses gas!

1. Electric valve uses motor as power, pneumatic valve uses compressed air as power.

(1) Electric valve advantages: good effect on liquid medium and large-diameter gas, not affected by climate. Not affected by the pressure of air compressor. Disadvantages: high cost and bad in humid environment.

(2) Pneumatic valve advantages: good effect on gas medium and liquid with small diameter, low cost and easy maintenance. Disadvantages: Affected by the fluctuation of air pressure, it is easily affected by the water content of air in winter in the north, causing the transmission part to freeze and not move.

2. General pneumatics are faster than electric ones, and electric ones are dual-purpose flashlights. The price of pneumatic master and gas dual purpose is relatively high.

2 Way SS Valve Actuator

2 Way SS Electric Valve Actuator

3. Electric valves are used in places with large diameters, because pneumatics are difficult to achieve, but the stability of electric valves is not as good as pneumatics, the switching speed is slow, and actuators will appear stuck for a long time. Pneumatic valves have fast switching speed and high accuracy, but they require a stable air source.

The difference between electric regulating valve and electric butterfly valve

Electric butterfly valve is a kind of electric regulating valve.

Wafer lug Butterfly Valve Actuator

Wafer lug Butterfly Valve Actuator

There are many types of regulating valve bodies, commonly used are straight through single seat, straight through double seat, angle, diaphragm, small flow, three-way, eccentric rotation, butterfly, sleeve, spherical and other 10 types. Before selecting a valve, the control valve must be carefully analyzed for the medium, process conditions and parameters of the control process, collect enough data, understand the system's requirements for the control valve, and determine the type of valve to be used based on the collected data.

The difference between electric regulating valve and electric sealed valve

Electric control valve is to drive the valve to change the size of the cross-sectional area between the valve core and the valve seat to control the process parameters such as the flow, temperature and pressure of the pipeline medium by receiving the signal of industrial automation control system (such as: 4~20mA). Realize automatic adjustment function.

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