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The Trends of electric valve in the future&case studies of electric valves

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News of the electric valve industry

The market scale of electric valves continues to expand

With the increasing demand in the fields of industry, construction and chemical industry, the market scale of electric valves is also expanding.  The compound annual growth rate of the global electric valve market is expected to reach around 6.5% by 2027.


Electric Actuated Valves

Electric Actuated Valves


Intelligence and automation have become the main development trend of electric valves

Intelligent and automation technology can use electric valves in a wider range and play a greater role in industrial control and automation processes.  Electric valves can also be combined with digital control systems and Internet of Things technology to provide reliable and intelligent solutions for energy saving and production processes in the construction and industrial fields.


Intelligent Modulating Actuator

Intelligent Modulating Actuator


Application of innovative technology

Many electric valve manufacturers are constantly developing and exploring new technologies, such as intelligent control and drone technology.  The application of these technologies will promote the development of electric valves and promote wider industrial applications.


Sustainable development

Due to climate change and increased energy pressure, the topic of sustainable development has become an important issue in the development of the electric valve industry.  Many electric valve manufacturers have begun to pay attention to the environmental protection performance, low carbon emissions, energy saving and sustainable design of their products.


Application of cloud services

Many electric valves and intelligent control systems have begun to provide cloud services.  Through cloud technology support, customers can realize remote monitoring, data collection, analysis and management, which is convenient for customers to know the operating status of electric valves anytime and anywhere, and Better early warning and maintenance management.


The latest developments in the electric actuator valve industry

Digitalization and intelligence

With the rapid development of Industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing, electric valve technology is also developing in the direction of digitalization and intelligence.  The electric valve achieves a more intelligent degree of automation through the digital control system and Internet of Things technology, and at the same time greatly improves the accuracy and response speed of the valve to meet the needs of high-precision, high-efficiency and high-quality automated production.


Environmental protection and energy saving

Environmental protection and energy saving have become an important issue in today's society, and the update of the electric valve industry also pays attention to these factors.  Electric valve manufacturers advocate the use of environmentally friendly materials, and design products that meet environmental standards such as low noise and high efficiency, so as to better meet the environmental protection requirements of the market.



The electric actuators valve industry is developing towards a lighter, smaller and more efficient direction.  Through the adoption of novel material schemes, new designs, and new manufacturing processes, the weight of electric valves is continuously reduced, manufacturing costs are reduced, and product functions and performances are improved.


Maximization of personalization

With the differentiation of the market and the increase of individual demand, manufacturers pay attention to the actual needs of users in product design and manufacturing, and provide more product models and customized products that meet different market needs solution.


Cross-border business expansion

The cross-border business expansion of the electric valve industry has gradually become an important trend in the industry.  Manufacturers wish to seek wider market opportunities, especially in terms of developing countries and emerging markets, to pursue more business opportunities.


Some case studies of electric valves

Application of electric actuators valves in sewage treatment plants

A sewage treatment plant uses multiple electric valves to control the inflow and outflow of sludge.  The electric valve can automatically control the opening and closing of the inlet and outlet according to the requirements of the system to ensure the smooth flow of sludge during the treatment process. 


Reverse Osmosis Plant for Water Treatment

Reverse Osmosis Plant for Water Treatment


At the same time, real-time monitoring and supply control of the sludge flow can be carried out to ensure the proper operation of the treatment system.  Therefore, the use of electric valves significantly improves the operating efficiency of sewage treatment plants.


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