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What are the advantages of Electric Actuators?

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Current market situation of Electric Actuators

A current trend is the continuous application of various electric actuators in various fields. In terms of operating efficiency and saving energy consumption, the use of automatic control valves is an indispensable part. The manual valves and pneumatic valves commonly used in the traditional industry are inferior to electric valves in installation cost and efficiency.

The main application of Electric Actuators

According to industry insiders, MTD valves are mostly used to control the flow and flow of various fluids in industrial processes, such as water, oil, and chemical liquids, based on parameters such as temperature, pressure, and flow. There are several types of control valves commonly used in factories, such as pressure reducing valves, pneumatic thermostats, solenoid valve thermostat systems, proportional control valve thermostat systems, and temperature control valves. 

2 Way Ball Valve Actuator

2 Way Ball Valve Actuator

When choosing various types of automatic valves, factors such as the type of heat engine, the required accuracy, the quality of the control valve, the pressure drop, the flow rate and its structure, the failure rate, the manufacturer's credit and after-sales service and other factors should be considered to achieve economic and practical purposes.



Advantages of Electric Valve

As far as the product itself is concerned, the electric valve has the advantages of easy assembly, low failure rate and meeting the industry's automation needs, which is a more cost-effective choice for the industry. Because of the use of general traditional pneumatic valves, it is inevitable to have piping, solenoid valves and compressors to match, and the electric valve is driven by a motor, which is simple and easy to install, and the electric valve installation can be matched with the original automatic control circuit of the factory, which can save other the costing payment. In addition, the motor-driven opening and closing is smoother, without the shortcomings of excessive momentary impulse, and the failure rate can be greatly reduced.

Butterfly Valve Actuator

Cost-effective electric valve

Many people think that the electric valve is expensive and the cost of use is high. In fact, if it is calculated as a whole, the traditional valve needs to be installed with many accessories and pipelines. The price is not dominant, but it must bear more maintenance costs.

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