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What Is a Motorized Ball Valve?

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Advantages Of Electric Valve Actuator

What Is a Motorized Ball Valve? MTD Ball valves use motors to rotate a ball with a hole in the center to control flow. When the hole is in line with the flow, the valve is fully open, and when it is turned perpendicular to the flow, it is closed.

GF Model 2 Way Ball Valve Actuator

GF Model 2 Way Motorized Ball Valve

Electric valve actuators, particularly those with brushless servo motors, can handle complex motion profiles, deliver high force and high speeds, and offer great accuracy and repeatability. These advantages make electric actuators especially well-suited to process control applications. Although the cost of an electric valve actuation system may be higher than the other options, electric systems require almost no maintenance and offer system efficiencies of up to 75-80%.

MTD Electric valve actuators: The best choice for process control

Process engineers have several choices when it comes to actuators for rising stem valves – manual, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric. Manual actuators satisfy simple on-off needs.  Pneumatic valve actuators are fast and low cost. Hydraulic systems can be a solution for high force applications and remote installations.

For critical process control applications, though, electric valve actuators can deliver what process engineers are striving for increased productivity, greater efficiency and less downtime.  In other words, MTD electric valve improve processes and save money.

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Electric closed valve is an electric one-way valve. When the closed valve is not powered, it is pressed by a strong spring and will not open due to the reverse air flow. Effectively guarantee the tightness of the corresponding space.

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