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SS V-valve Actuator

  • DN15-DN100

  • SS304, SS316

  • 232psi

  • BSP thread, NPT thread, G thread

  • ISO5211(F03/F05/F07/F10)


Accessories: 0.8m cable wires; bracket&screw;with manual override

Customized: high platform bracket&screw ,extra wires length

Rated Torque: 10Nm-2000Nm

Enclosure level: IP67

Housing material: ABS/Die-casting aluminum

Rated Voltage: DC12V、DC24V、AC24V、AC110V、AC230V、AC/DC24V、AC/DC95~265V

Modulating control mode: 0~5V、1~5V、0~10V、2~10V、0~20mA、4~20mA

Install Actuator: ON &OFF Actuator, Modulating Actuator, Failsafe capacity Actuator, RS485 Series Actuator, Intelligent on&off Actuator, Intelligent Modulating Actuator

Functions Ordered: High speed On/Off Type,Power Off Reset Type,PID Type,Nb_lot Type

Features 1 Multi-position mode can be realized

Features 2 High performance brushless motor, overheat/overload protection of internal motor.

Features 3 Service life-20000 cycles (Max:9371648 times)

Electric V-port ball valves

V-type ball valve is a small type of electric actuated ball valve, which is a on and off, and regulating ball valve with right-angle rotation. The structural form is a fixed integrated side mount. The characteristic of the V-port ball valve lies in the unique appearance of its inner ball center.


"V"-Port scissor mouth design, it is precisely because of this design that the V port  ball valve has a strong shearing force and self-cleaning performance. V-type ball valve material is divided into (cast steel, stainless steel). The connection is also divided (wafer type, flange type), and the drive is also divided (manual, electric, pneumatic).

Electric V-port ball valves-2

When you choose v port ball valve,v ball valve, the electric actuator should be selected modulating actuator, otherwise, if you choose on and off actuator, there is nothing meaning to install v port valve to control, for instance, you also can choose failsafe capacity, fail to close, fail to open modulating actuator from 10Nm-2000Nm.

Modulating actuator available on RS485

DC24,0-10v  2-10v   0-5v   1-5v control, multi voltage AC/DC95-265,RF-LORA 24vdc, high speed series AC/DC24V,high speed95-265Vac,24vdc,12vdc,110vac,220vac,  anti-condensation heater function.  V port ball valve upvc,  Stainless Steel V port ball valve.  

Electric V-port ball valves-3

Working principle of V-type ball valve

The V-type ball valve can be switched, cut off and adjusted on the dry pipeline. Its working principle is to use the top actuator (handle, turbine, pneumatic, electric) actuator to drive the valve stem, and drive the ball center to rotate at a right angle of 90°. Rotation of the ball valve to switch or adjust the opening of the ball valve. That is to say, the choice of drive determines the application of the V-shaped ball valve.

Electric V-port ball valves-5

Electric V-port ball valves degree options: ,15°, 30°, 45°, 60° or 90° degree V "notches". and Valve Performance Curve. In general, the flow performance of the valve is evaluated using flow coefficient (Cv), which is the function of flow-rate and pressure drop. The effect of V-ports on the flow coefficient, Cv, can be found in following figure.

Electric V-port ball valves-6

Applicable scene of V-type ball valve, How to choose a suitable V-shaped ball valve?

The electric V-shaped regulating ball valve has a special-shaped V-shaped notch. When the valve is closed, the V-shaped notch and the valve seat form a wedge shape, which has a shearing effect. The electric V-shaped ball valve is suitable for the control of fibrous slurry, sewage and viscous granular media.

It can prevent the jamming phenomenon caused by the dirt between the ball and the valve seat. It has the function of self-cleaning and is a widely used regulating valve. At the same time, it is also suitable for automatic control systems in petroleum, chemical, paper, chemical fiber, electric power, metallurgical environmental protection and other industrial sectors.

To Achieve Precision Control What industry V port ball valve use?

Most widely used in Pharmaceutical Industry, Chemical industry, Alcohol liquid field.

Electric V-port ball valves-7

Features and advantages of V-type ball valve

Advantages of V-type ball valve

  1. Integral valve body without any pipe joints, so it is not affected by pipe or bolt stress, and since the valve body does not have any pipe joints, the pressure-resistant shell will not be affected by pressure "sudden changes"

  2. The V-shaped ball valve has a V-shaped valve body, which can ensure the accuracy of control in the entire range even in the case of small flow or high viscosity medium

  3. The leak-proof and durable valve seat is lined with a stainless steel inner core PTFE cup or O-ring at its outer diameter. Further enhance the structure of the valve seat

Electric V-type ball valve features

  1. It has the advantages of compact structure, small size, and can be installed vertically and horizontally. It adopts movable metal cutting seat, self-compensation function, and has excellent sealing performance and long service life.

  2. The electric V-shaped  V port ball valve adopts double bearing structure, which has high mechanical stability and small starting torque, which ensures that the valve has excellent sensitivity and induction speed.

  3. Maximum reliability (safety): The valve body is a whole, sturdy and durable, the operation is not affected by the pipeline pressure, and the leakage of the valve body can be avoided.

  4. The V-shaped notch and the substitute seat of the electric V-shaped adjustment ball wire generate a strong shearing force, which can cut off impurities such as fibers, and has a self-cleaning function: avoid the phenomenon of valve jamming.

  5. Maximum flow volume: Due to the streamlined shape of the electric V-shaped ball valve and the full right-angle rotation control, the maximum volume is particularly high, the flow capacity is particularly large, and the flow resistance is small.