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Key Points in Compact Valve Actuator

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MTD offers a comprehensive range of valve actuators - with or without fail-safe - with various control options to meet all needs of industrial automation, water treatment, chemical use, filtration system, vehicle, auto cleaning,  gas and oil, mobile gas station, beverage and food industry etc.


At MTD Valve Actuator, Electric quarter-turn valve actuators are electro-mechanical devices that are used to remotely control quarter-turn valves, such as ball and butterfly valves. Compared to their pneumatic and hydraulic counterparts, electric valve actuators provide a more energy-efficient, clean, and quiet method of valve control. They can be bought together with the valve as a package or as a separate unit and added onto an existing quarter-turn valve.


MTD 10Nm Failsafe Capacity Actuator

MTD 10Nm Failsafe Capacity Actuator


At MTD Valve Actuator, Rated voltage is ac110v/220v, ac/dc24v, dc12v, 95-265vac, rated torque from 10NM-2000NM, ambient temp is -20-80°C, humidity:5-95%RH non-condensing.


Certificate CE, connection standard iso5211 F05.F07 f07.F09, F11, output axis specification female octagonal, manual operation is with matching hexagon wrench, using when power off. Enclosure ip67 as per EN60529/GB4208-2008(all directions) Vibration: 10-55Hz, 1.5mm double amplitude.


At MTD Valve Actuator, Fail-safe is an important safety feature in some automated valve actuators. The fail-safe is designed to close or open a valve whenever there is a power failure. Such a system requires a form of energy storage, such as a spring mechanism or a battery. However, we use Capacity to replace old technology battery, there is one more advantage in Capacity,  due to dangerous battery shipment by air and by sea.  It doesn't allow to ship product with battery in case to explosion, Typically, the fail-safe mechanism will close the valve.


MTD 20Nm Failsafe Capacity Actuator

MTD 20Nm Failsafe Capacity Actuator 


In a spring mechanism, a loaded spring automatically shuts off the valve when power is cut off. For a backup battery system, often called a battery safety return (BSR), a battery powers the actuator to close it. Depending on the battery and actuator size, charging time and the total amount of turns will vary. For extra redundancy, some actuators will have both versions of fail-safe incorporated into the design. As mentioned, most fail-safe operations will close the valve, but certain applications require the valve to open upon power failure. An example of such an application is the flow of cold water entering a heat exchanger.


This is because cold water would be required to cool the remaining warm fluid, in order to prevent overheating.However, we use Capacity to replace old technology battery, there is one more advantage in Capacity,  due to dangerous battery shipment by air and by sea.  It doesn’t allow to ship product with battery in case to explosion.


At MTD Valve Actuator,Breakaway torque, we will match correct and costly valve and actuator for you, it usually depends on the flow medium, and work pressure and  quality of flow, ambient temp,  each factory ball valve torque is different, even though it is same material and same size valve, that’s why we make sure your valve torque if you are not going to take our full set valve. Some factory valve is with less torque to drive.  It also need lower torque actuator to drive.


MTD 50Nm Failsafe Capacity Actuator

MTD 50Nm Failsafe Capacity Actuator


When a valve is in an open or closed position, the torque required to break free from either of these positions is called the breakaway torque. In other words, this is the amount of torque required to cause a valve to initially move from a rest position. In general, the breakaway torque is higher than the run torque. For example, the breakaway torque for a general ball valve is around 30% higher than its run torque.


Breakaway torque is higher due to it being from a static position, the media can build up in the ball cavity, and/or the media can scratch the valve seat causing an increase in friction, etc. A suitable quarter-turn valve actuator should generate a torque higher than the valve's breakaway torque. As we know that, the valve is easier broken than actuator, the valve can be replaced by new if failed. Most key parts in Actuator like Human head.

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Electric closed valve is an electric one-way valve. When the closed valve is not powered, it is pressed by a strong spring and will not open due to the reverse air flow. Effectively guarantee the tightness of the corresponding space.

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