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How is the electric actuator controlled?

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How is the electric actuator controlled?

An electric valve actuator is controlled by electrical signals. There are a wide range of functions that can be achieved by an electric actuator and the applied electrical signals determine how the valve actuator reacts.

Most commonly, MTD electrical actuators drive a valve fully open, or fully closed, and in most cases, this is achieved by setting a switching live electrical connection using an SPDT (single pole double throw) switch or relay to either the open electrical terminal, or the closed electrical terminal. An alternative method is to have either the open electrical terminal permanently connected, the using an SPST (single pole single throw) switch to connect to the closed electrical terminal to close the actuator. This latter system could alternatively have a permanent closed connection and switching the open terminal on or off.

Electric control actuator

MTD Electric control actuator

Where proportional control is required, in which the electric actuator’s stopped position is controlled by and proportional to an input control signal, a permanent electrical power supply is maintained (as opposed to being switched in an on-off electric actuator#engineering) and the motor run or stopped by the change in the input signal as the actuator subsequently achieves the proportional movement required by the input signal.

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