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Electric Valve VS Solenoid Valve, What's the difference?

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Electric Valve VS Solenoid Valve

About Electric Valve and Solenoid Valve

Electric ball valve and solenoid valve are both valves that need to be driven by power supply. They are also two kinds of valves commonly used for electric control, but the difference between the two is relatively large, and many users do not know how to distinguish.

Electric ball valve

Electric ball valve

Difference between Electric Valve and Solenoid Valve

1. Different working principles

The solenoid valve is composed of solenoid coil, valve core and valve body. When the coil is powered on or off, it drives the valve core to move, so that the valve body passes through or cuts off the fluid. Solenoid valve is a functional safety product. Its action principle is straight stroke and it is diaphragm or piston type. The purity of the sealing face of the medium is very high, and impurities in the medium are easy to cause leakage. 

Electric Valve for Water Treatment

Electric Valve for Water Treatment

Therefore, it is recommended that the valve pipeline must be equipped with a filter. The electric valve drives the valve through the electric actuator to realize the passage or cutting of fluid. Electric valve is a functional product. Its action principle is angular stroke. It is sealed on both sides. It has good sealing performance and is not easy to leak. It is often used for fluid or gas regulation.

2. Installation position requirements

The electric ball valve has no requirements on the installation angle. It can be installed horizontally, vertically or obliquely. The solenoid valve is based on the straight stroke action principle, and the sealing needs to be realized by the gravity of the valve core and the force of the electromagnet, so the general solenoid valve can only be installed horizontally, and the installation at other angles will cause the leakage of the solenoid valve.

3. Service life

After the switch of the electric ball valve actuator acts in place, it is powered off by the internal microswitch, and has the function of station maintenance. It only needs to be powered when it acts. After it is in place, the motor will not be charged, and its service life is much longer than that of the solenoid valve, and its performance is stable. The opening and closing of the solenoid valve depends on the energization of the coil. When the station is maintained, the coil needs to be energized all the time (for example, the normally closed solenoid valve needs to be opened for a long time). The coil will be heated after being charged for a long time, which is easy to cause the coil to burn out, which is the most common fault of the solenoid valve.

4. Degree of protection

The actuator of the electric valve has shell protection, and the actuator of MTD has ABS shell and aluminum alloy shell to choose from, with protection grades of IP67, IP68 and explosion-proof grade. Dust and moisture cannot erode the interior of the actuator, and the performance is stable. The solenoid valve has simple structure and low protection level, and is easily affected by external dust, air and temperature. The protection grade is IP65 and IP66 IP67。

5. Switching time

The time required for the full opening and closing of the electric valve is generally 5-30 seconds, which is mainly determined by the size of the valve and the torque of the electric actuator; However, the response time of the solenoid valve is generally 0.1-1 seconds, and the switching time is fast.

6. Functional differences

The electric actuator is equipped with a manual operation device, which can manually control the opening or closing of the valve without installing a bypass for standby. Generally, the solenoid valve has no manual operation function, so the bypass manual valve and the standby manual solenoid valve need to be installed on the pipeline, so that the solenoid valve has the manual function.

7. Different switch and adjustment methods

The solenoid valve has only one solenoid coil, which is simple in structure and can only be switched, while the electric valve can be switched and the size of the valve switch can be adjusted.

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