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Development advantages of electric motor actuated valve

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Function of Electric Motor Actuated Valve

With the continuous development of international economy and the expansion of industrial production scale, the characteristics of intelligent production and operation in various industries are becoming more and more obvious.

In industrial processes, valves are mostly used to control the direction and flow of various fluids, such as water, oil, chemical liquids, etc., based on parameters such as temperature, pressure and flow. The commonly used control valves in the factory include pressure reducing valve, pneumatic constant temperature valve, solenoid valve constant temperature system, proportional control valve constant temperature system, temperature control valve and other types. 

3 way brass actuator

3 Way Brass Actuator

When selecting various automatic valves, we should consider the type of heat engine, the required accuracy, the quality, pressure drop, flow and structure of control valve, failure rate, manufacturer's credit and after-sales service, and other factors, so as to achieve the purpose of economy and practicality. In terms of operation efficiency and energy consumption saving, the application of automatic control valves is an indispensable link. The manual valves and pneumatic valves commonly used in traditional industries are inferior to electric valves in installation cost and efficiency. Therefore, the compact electric valves with high operation efficiency and energy consumption are gradually occupying the market. In terms of the product itself, because the electric valve has the advantages of easy assembly, low failure rate and meeting the automation needs of the industry, it is a more cost-effective choice for the industry.

Benefits of Electric Motor Actuated Valve

Because the use of general traditional pneumatic valves can only be matched with piping, solenoid valves and compressors, it is necessary to control the valve with the help of the pressure generated by gas compression, so as to control the pipeline. Because compressed gas is difficult to obtain and the cost is high, pneumatic drive valves are often not used for various pipeline control, which also limits its development.

Hydraulic transmission valve takes liquid as the medium to realize the control of the valve. The purpose of stable control of the valve can be achieved by using a small volume of liquid medium, especially in the case of high-speed transmission of the valve. Due to the particularity of the medium of the liquid drive valve, this type of valve is only suitable for high-power scenarios, and the volume of the liquid drive valve is relatively large, which requires a certain amount of manpower in the installation process and is not often used in various industrial production.

sanitary 3 way valve actuator

Sanitary 3 Way Valve Actuator

The electric valve is driven by a motor, and the control of the valve is realized through microelectronic technology. The installation is simple and easy. Moreover, the installation of the electric valve can be matched with the original automatic control line of the factory, which can save other costs. In addition, the motor-driven opening and closing is smooth, without the disadvantage of excessive instantaneous impulse, and the failure rate can be greatly reduced. 

The biggest advantage of the electric valve is that it can be controlled without manual operation. As long as the command is set in advance, the machine can realize automatic control. Moreover, the electric valve is easy to install and the operation steps are simple and clear. Because of its high efficiency, sensitive response, strong safety performance and other characteristics, it is often used in industrial production to control all kinds of operating systems as a whole.

Many people think that the electric valve is expensive and the use cost is high. In fact, it is not. If we take the overall calculation, the traditional valve needs to add a lot of accessories and pipeline installation, and the price does not prevail. Instead, it has to bear more maintenance costs. In the operation of gas, oil and other pipeline transportation systems, it is necessary to complete complex operation control, and the application of electric valves has become extremely important. In the management system, the electric valve can control the flow of regulating medium and coordinate the production and operation of the whole system. 

During the operation of the pipeline system, the performance requirements of the electric valves are also more strict. The intellectualization of the electric valves has gradually become an important development direction of the valve use control, which can greatly reduce the labor cost of the system operation and better ensure the production efficiency and operation reliability. Therefore, compact electric valves are widely used for their advantages of easy assembly, high efficiency and energy saving.

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