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Application case analysis of electric valve in industrial automation

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With the continuous development of industrial automation technology, electric valves play an increasingly important role in industrial production. The electric valve adjusts the flow and pressure of the fluid by controlling the switch of the valve, so as to realize the precise control of the production process.


MTD Electric Actuated Valves

MTD Electric Actuated Valves


In industrial automation applications, electric valves have the advantages of fast response, high precision, and stable control. They have gradually replaced traditional manual valves and pneumatic valves and become an indispensable part of industrial automation. This article will analyze the application status and future development trend of electric valves in industrial automation based on actual application cases.


Application case of electric valve in industrial automation

Fine control in the chemical industry

In the chemical industry, Precise flow control is required to ensure the precise proportioning and stability of materials. The electric actuator valve can realize flow control through opening adjustment, and the operation is flexible and convenient, and has high precision and stability.


Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry


Monitoring and control in power control system

A large number of electric valves are used in the electric control system to control the flow and pressure of media such as water, steam, gas and oil. These valves are usually controlled by a central control system, which can realize remote control and monitoring, thereby improving the stability and reliability of the control system.


Electric Power

Electric Power


Fluid control in automated production lines

In an automated production line, flow control is very important. The electric valve can control and regulate liquid, gas, steam and other media to ensure the smooth progress of the production process. At the same time, because the electric valve is easy to operate, it can greatly reduce labor costs and operational risks.


Fluid control in automated production lines


Sewage Control in Sewage Treatment Systems

The electric valve is widely used in the sewage treatment system, which can control the flow and pressure of the discharge port, and effectively prevent the overflow and pollution of sewage. In addition, the electric valve can also automatically control the emission of odor, so as to ensure the sanitation and health of the environment.


Water Treatment



More specific application in pipeline:

1. Used for water flow control in the process of chemical agent treatment

2. Used to control the water flow to the filter bed on the gate way

3. Used to control the flow of discharged runoff to nearby rivers, discharge points

4. Used to control the air inlet of the oxidation tank tank

5. Control air flow required to regulate microbial aeration

6. Closed-loop collection of rainwater and recycling of sewage for reuse

7. Concentrated brine discharge link of reverse osmosis desalination device

8. Activated sludge dehydration system, drug delivery system, deodorization system


MTD Ex Actuator Valve

MTD Modulating Actuator Valve


In short, electric valves play an irreplaceable role in industrial automation. They can achieve high-precision control of parameters such as flow and pressure, improve production efficiency and product quality, and can improve the safety and comfort of the production environment.


Electric valve in industrial automation conclusion and prospect

As a key component of industrial automation, electric valves have broad application prospects. With the continuous development of science and technology, electric valves will gradually develop in the direction of intelligence, efficiency and sustainability.


MTD Electric Actuators

MTD Electric Actuators


In the future industrial automation applications, electric valves will continue to play an important role, providing a solid foundation for the intelligentization and automation of industrial production. Therefore, strengthening the research and development and popularization and application of electric valves will become an inevitable trend in the field of industrial automation.


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