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1000Nm RS485 Series Actuator

Rated Torque: 1000Nm
Rated Voltage: DC24V

Functions Ordered: PID Type,Nb_lot Type

Install Valves 2-way,3-way and butterfly valve

Control Feedback Mode: RS485(ModBus)、CANbus2.0B、Mbus

Features 1: Multi-position mode can be realized

Features 2: High performance brushless motor,overload protection of internal motor.

Features 3: It can be used up to 20,000 times.

※ Two or more actuators can be used in parallel.(※RS485 could parallel maximum 32/64/256 actuators,while CANBus parallels 110 actuators)

What is the electric valve?

MTD electric valve is a high-end product in automatic control valve. It uses electric energy as power to drive the valve in the lower half with the electric actuator in the upper half, which can not only realize the opening and closing of the valve, but also realize the valve position adjustment function by its modulating type, so as to achieve the purpose of opening, closing or regulating the pipeline medium.

What is the advantages of MTD electric valve compared to the traditional manual valve?

1. It can meet the requirements of most working conditions and the working conditions that ordinary valves cannot be used; can be run in automated systems, remote control ,RS 485 control, wireless control, highly intelligent, so as to save labor cost and operation cost.

2. It has both on-and-off and regulation functions, with valve position indication and output;

3. Applicable to almost all media, with the maximum viscosity of 600mm²/s (centistokes);

4. High temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, wear resistance and durability, water hammer impact resistance;

5. With manual function, it can be equipped with hexagon wrench, hand wheel type, and the actuator can be equipped with explosion-proof type in explosion-proof environment ;

6. Two way circulation, simple operation, stable control and long service life.

Applicable fields of electric valve

Industrial sewage/Water treatment device, Sea and brackish water desalination, Ultra-filtration and disinfection, Can/bottle system, Beer brewing and beverage technology, chemical industry, Fluid mixing device, Food industry, Concrete and cement industry, Vacuum technology, Medical equipment, Swimming pools and spa, Industrial lakes and aquariums, Process control and other fields.